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Academic Success is the product of supporting our students.


Take a moment to click on the links below to map out your/your child's future.

Exploring Colleges

Technical Training

Going to Community College and Transferring to a Four-Year?

Financial Aid 

Scholarships and remember that our generous community gives every year to support scholarships for on the lookout for updates on scholarship night!
Check the counseling board for more opportunities!
Educational Opportunity Program find out if you qualify for additional assistance.

Apply for College Online

Exploring Careers


Caring for Yourself/Your Teen

Please click on the links below to learn more about yourself and/or your teen

Please call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline if you or someone you care about needs assistance.

Contact your school counselor for more resources or with questions.

County Services

Community Based Help

Counseling Office JUHSD

Ms. Z in the counseling office is available to help, please call, come in or sign the sign-in sheet outside her office door.

Basic Graduation Requirements
Each class is worth 5 credits.
You should earn 30 credits every semester.

*3 years Math (1,2,3)
*3 years Social Science (US History, World History, Econ/Gov)
*4 years English (1,2,3,4)
*2 years Fine Art (Art, Graphic Art and/or Spanish)
*2 years Science (Life, Earth, Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
*1 semester Health
*2 years PE
*40 Elective Credits

Community Events

*The Julian Library will be hosting an information session on budgeting for success on February 1st at 10:15 and a college financing session on March 7th at 10:15 a.m.! Please RSVP to the event if you are interested.


Community service a worthwhile way to give back and it is part of becoming college ready.

There are several ways to volunteer your time in the community.

*Please stop by the counseling office for a community service log to ensure your hours are verified for college applications with valid signatures.

Looking for volunteer ideas...

ASB is having a pennies for patients drive! Bring in your change to help cancer patients. 

Peer tutor- Contact counselor to sign-up.

School/Church/Community event work

Blood Drives

Donating to charitable causes through time or collection of goods

Making cards for hospitals/nursing homes

Mentor sports team

Parent Volunteers

Want to make a contribution at JUHSD?
Your time and donations are appreciated.

Please contact Ms. Z in counseling for opportunities!