Julian Union High School District

Julian Union High School District
1656 Highway 78 / PO Box 417
Julian, CA 92036
Phone: (760) 765-0606 
Fax: (760) 765-2926

Regular Office Hours:  7:15 AM - 3:30 PM

Special Parent Event

How to Decipher the Teenage Mind

Learn the Teenager Motivators

Friday, February 3rd from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Julian Library – (Pizza provided courtesy of Romanos)

Ray Lozano is a former Improv comedian turned counselor.


ADULT Parent Training


eenagers 101-How to talk to your kids about being a teenager but don’t know what to say? Learn positive conversation starters, along with some developmental assets that need to be instilled in all kids to help them be better equipped to make healthy lifestyle choices. Your kids need you to talk to them today and Ray will give you the tools to open up a dialogue and keep the communication door open. This training is based on the word PARENT

P – Place yourself between your child and danger. (We tell our kids not to run out into the street, but hardly talk with them about sex, drugs and rock & roll.)

A- Awareness is your best friend. (Who are your child’s friends?)

R – Room (Can’t treat your child like a guest in the house.)

E – Educate yourself. (What are your kids into?)

N- NO fear. (You have to be brave to be a good parent.)

T- Today, talk with your child. (No matter what age, that is a good time to talk with your kids.) There are a lot of practice hands on examples.

Parent Pupil Survey, Impact Aid (P.L. 874)

Letter to Parents 

Please click on the link below and download the survey to your computer to type directly on the form. Once completed please sign and return to the High School Office.  Thank you so much! 

Parent Pupil Survey, Impact Aid Form (P.L. 874)

Public Notice


Julian Union High School District Applies for ASSETs Funding

October 10, 2016

The Julian Union High School District (JUHSD) notifies the community of its intent to apply for funding under the 21st Century After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens program (ASSETs).  The purpose of the funding is to create incentives for establishing locally driven after-school enrichment programs for high school students in the hours after the regular school day, and support college and career readiness.  JUHSD’s application represents a consortium of 17 county high schools which meet the funding eligibility requirements.

If awarded funding, the JUHSD will disseminate information about the 21st Century High School ASSETs program in a manner that clearly states our goals with information posted on our website and announced through local news resources.  We invite comments and partnerships as we work to improve the services offered to our students through quality expanded learning programs.

This announcement serves as a public notice of our intent to apply.  

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Revised School Calendar 2016-17

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