Video camera with flash and light meter.

Often times finding an engaging elective class to offer to our Julian High students is an adventure in frustration for our small school. Some of the time it's a lack of staffing, some of the time it's the students' lack of interest,  and some of the time it's scheduling conflicts.

But this spring trimester Julian High students will get to experience a brand new art course, video production. From learning how videos can sway an opinion, to writing their own scripts, filming, and post production editing, students will get a basic introduction to video production.

Video is one of the most successful forms of media used to engage, inspire, and educate. Video has become a vital tool for storytelling on all screens, big or small. The art of video production is a balancing act between planning and execution. And whether the story the students tell is a make-up tutorial for social media, a-day-in-the-life-of story for their friends, or global awareness campaign, they will need a fundamental understanding of how it all goes together from before the director calls "action" and beyond "cut".

A video is only as effective as the amount of people who see it. So we hope you will follow along as we post student created videos on our brand new YouTube channel.