Julian High student carries a livestock pen panel for the Ramona Junior Fair setup.

A few Julian High students will spend next week at the Ramona Junior Fair, showing their FFA livestock projects in the arena and a welding project in the industrial arts exhibit. To prepare for this event, our students have dedicated hours of their time to their projects. The livestock exhibitors have daily activities with their animals which include, feeding regimens, bathing and grooming, and exercising. Our industrial arts exhibitor has spent weekends and evenings working on their welding project.

In addition to dedicating time to their own personal projects, our FFA students volunteered time in the evening to help get the Ramona Junior Fair grounds ready for next week's fair.  FFA member Ben Boling contacted Coach Jesse Cruz to enlist the help of the football players.

Seven members of the football team volunteered to partner with Julian FFA and went to Ramona for an evening of volunteering. These students raked aisleways, setup livestock pens, hung shade tarps overhead, painted, and fulfilled many other tasks asked of them.

Seeing our students coming together and lending a hand to create an atmosphere where they encourage and support each others' endeavors is proof of the leadership skills and community building that Julian FFA and Julian High sports provide.

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